Fortel Services Ltd.

Current Vacancies

Job Title Location Date Posted
360 EXV Machine Driver Derby, MID de21 7xx 17/04/2014
Dumper Driver St. Austell, SW pl26 8dy 17/04/2014
Machine Driver 360 Salisbury, SW sp4 7sq 16/04/2014
Dumper Driver Milton Keynes, HC mk17 8ew 16/04/2014
360 Machine driver Milton Keynes, HC mk17 8ew 16/04/2014
GroundWorker Kirk of Shotts, Scotland ML7 5DJ 15/04/2014
Banksman slinger signaller Leeds, Yorkshire LS27 0NQ 15/04/2014
PTS GROUND WORKER Kirk of Shotts, Scotland ML7 5DJ 15/04/2014
Dumper Driver Kirk of Shotts, Scotland ML7 5DJ 15/04/2014
Banksman slinger signaller Kirk of Shotts, Scotland ML7 5DJ 15/04/2014
Security Guard Cambridgeshire 14/04/2014
bricklayer Corby, MID nn18 8aa 14/04/2014
joiner/carpenter Corby, MID nn18 8aa 14/04/2014
moxy truck driver Salisbury, SW sp4 7sq 10/04/2014
dumper driver Bridlington, Yorkshire yo15 2eu 10/04/2014
Machine Driver 360 birmingham, MID b2 4nd 08/04/2014
Security Guard Millom, North West-Cumbria 07/04/2014
Dumper/Roller Driver UK-Yorkshire-Cleveland 04/04/2014
dumper driver Redcar, Yorkshire TS10 4RG 04/04/2014
dumper driver Lancaster, NW LA20AG 04/04/2014
Telehandler 360 Slew Driver Derby, MID DE217XX 04/04/2014
Security Guard Doncaster, South Yorkshire 01/04/2014
Security Guard Southampton, South East/Southern-Hampshire 01/04/2014
Dumper Driver Nottingham, MID NG1 4ff 31/03/2014
Machine Driver Salisbury, SW sp47sq 31/03/2014
Security Guard Scarborough, North Yorkshire 29/03/2014
Cleaner Bickerstaffe, Lancashire 27/03/2014
Machine Driver Redcar, Yorkshire TS10 4RG 27/03/2014
Security Guard Blackmills, Northampton 26/03/2014
Security Guard Hounslow, London West 25/03/2014
Security Guard Gloucester(Tewkesbury)South West-Gloucestershire 25/03/2014
Cleaner Bickerstaffe,North West-Lancashire 25/03/2014
Security Guard South West-Gloucestershire 24/03/2014
Security Guard Chiswick, West London 24/03/2014
Dumper/Roller Driver Saltash, SW PL126DJ 21/03/2014
dumper driver Newquay, SW TR7 2NE 21/03/2014
dumper driver TS10 4RG 21/03/2014
Security Guard Wallasea Island, Essex 21/03/2014
Security Guard Beckfoot, Kendal(North West-Cumbria) 20/03/2014
PTS Groundworker Grangemouth,FK3 8tr 20/03/2014
Cleaner London Road, Derby 19/03/2014
dumper driver Nottingham, MID NG1 4FF 19/03/2014
dumper driver St. Austell, SW pl26 8dy 19/03/2014
Dumper Driver Mablethorpe, MID ln12 1nq 18/03/2014
Security Guard Beckfoot, Kendal(Cumbria) 17/03/2014
Machine Operater Willenhall, MID WV131AE 14/03/2014
Machine Operater Redcar, Yorkshire TS10 4RG 13/03/2014
Dumper Roller Driver Mablethorpe, MID LN121NQ 13/03/2014
Dumper Roller Driver St. Austell, SW PL268DY 13/03/2014
Dumper Driver Treorchy, WA CF425PH 13/03/2014
Ground Worker Treorchy, WA CF425PH 13/03/2014
Security Guard South East London, London 13/03/2014
Security Guard Kettering, Northamptonshire 13/03/2014
Security Guard Dorking, Surrey 13/03/2014
Dumper Driver Harlow, Essex 12/03/2014
Dumper Driver Motherwell, Scotland-Strathclyde 12/03/2014
Dumper Driver Warrington, North West-Cheshire 12/03/2014
Concrete Finisher Harlow, Essex 12/03/2014
Concrete Finisher Motherwell, Scotland-Strathclyde 12/03/2014
Concrete Finisher Warrington, North West-Cheshire 12/03/2014
Machine Operater Leeds, Yorkshire LS90RJ 10/03/2014
Moxy Truck Driver Salisbury, SW SP47SQ 10/03/2014
Banksman Slinger Signaller UK-Yorkshire-West Yorkshire 10/03/2014
PTS Machine Operater Birmingham, MID B2 4ND 07/03/2014
Gateman Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire 05/03/2014
Security Guard Lowgill(Beckfoot), North West Cumbria 05/03/2014
Security Guard Newbridge, Scotland-Lothian 05/03/2014
Security Guard Barton Mills, Suffolk 05/03/2014
Pipe Layer St. Austell, SW PL268DY 04/03/2014
Cleaner Birmingham, West Midlands 03/03/2014
Security Guard Biggleswade, Bedfordshire 26/02/2014
Gateman Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire 26/02/2014
Security Guard Blackmills, Northamptonshire 24/02/2014
Security Guard Dartford, South East/Southern-Kent 24/02/2014
Security Guard Huyton, North West-Merseyside 24/02/2014
Security Guard Barton Mills, Suffolk 24/02/2014
Security Guard Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire 20/02/2014
Security Guard Croydon, Surrey 20/02/2014
Security Guard Sittingbourne, South East/Southern-Kent 20/02/2014
Security Guard Millom, North West-Cumbria 20/02/2014
Dumper /Roller Driver St. Austell, SW PL268DY 14/02/2014
Cleaner Derby 05/02/2014
Security Guard Ockley, Surrey 05/02/2014
Security Guard Worthing, West Sussex 30/01/2014
Security Guard Little Eaton, Derbyshire 30/01/2014
Machine Driver wv13 1ae 28/01/2014
Cleaner Bickerstaffe, Lancashire 27/01/2014
Security Guard Basildon, Essex 27/01/2014
Telehandler Driver UK-Midlands-Staffordshire 24/01/2014
Dumper Driver Dunblane, Scotland FK159NS 24/01/2014
STEEL FIXER Amesbury-SP4 7SQ 24/01/2014
CHIPPY Amesbury-SP4 7SQ 24/01/2014
TRACTOR DRIVER Rochester-ME3 9NQ 24/01/2014
Gateman Raunds, Northamptonshire 22/01/2014
Security Guard Peterborough, Cambridgeshire 22/01/2014
Security Guard Ockley, Surrey 17/01/2014
Dumper Driver Lancaster, NW LA20AG 17/01/2014
Security Guard Dunstable, Bedfordshire 15/01/2014
pipe layer Mablethorpe, MID LN12 1NQ 15/01/2014
Dumper Driver Mablethorpe, MID LN12 1NQ 15/01/2014
Dumper Driver Salisbury, SW sp4 7sq 14/01/2014
Machine Driver Salisbury, SW SP4 7SQ 14/01/2014
Gateman Burton Latimer, Kettering 14/01/2014
Banksman Slinger Signaller Redcar, Yorkshire TS104RG 14/01/2014
Machine Operater Salisbury, SW SP47SQ 13/01/2014
Cleaner Bletchley, Milton Keynes 13/01/2014
GroundWorker Redcar, Yorkshire TS10 4RG 10/01/2014
Telehandler Driver Redcar, Yorkshire TS10 4RG 10/01/2014
Machine Driver Redcar, Yorkshire TS10 4RG 10/01/2014
Banksman slinger signaller Leeds, Yorkshire LS9 0RJ 09/01/2014
Banksman Slinger Signaller Bonnybridge, Scotland fk4 2hp 09/01/2014
Cleaner Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire 09/01/2014
Street Works-Ground Worker Whitechapel (Station) 07/01/2014
Ground Worker Mablethorpe, MID LN121NQ 06/01/2014
Machine Operater Mablethorpe, MID LN121NQ 06/01/2014
Banksman Slinger Signaller Mablethorpe, MID LN121NQ 06/01/2014
Banksman Slinger Signaller Mablethorpe, MID LN121NQ 16/12/2013
Ground Worker Salisbury, SW SP47SQ 11/12/2013
Pipe layer Deep Drainage Salisbury, SW SP47SQ 11/12/2013
Banksman Salisbury, SW SP47SQ 11/12/2013
Pipe Layer Salisbury, SW SP47SQ 11/12/2013
Dumper Driver Salisbury, SW SP47SQ 11/12/2013
360 Machine Operater Salisbury, SW SP47SQ 11/12/2013
360-MACHINE DRIVER Plumstead-SE28 0GU 10/12/2013
DUMPER/ROLLER DRIVER Plumstead-SE28 0GU 10/12/2013
Aviation Security Guard Feltham 06/12/2013
Security Officer Godstone 06/12/2013
SLINGER/SIGNALLER Ipswich-IP13SZ 06/12/2013
SLINGER/SIGNALLER Moorgate Station - London 20/11/2013
SCAFFOLDER Moorgate Station, London 08/11/2013
Security Officer London, London W1G0DD 06/11/2013
Security Officer Liverpool, NW L313DS 06/11/2013
Security Officer Northampton, MID NN47DT 06/11/2013
Security Officer Preston, NW PR10NT 06/11/2013
Security Officer Preston, NW PR10NT 06/11/2013
Security Officer Scarborough, Yorkshire YO12 7QU 06/11/2013
Security Officer Liverpool, NW L36 6JF 06/11/2013
Security Officer Bury Saint Edmunds, ANGL IP286AE 06/11/2013
Security Officer Heywood, NW OL104TP 06/11/2013
Moxy Truck Driver Burton upon Trent, MID DE130DA 06/11/2013
Security Guard Scarborough 04/11/2013
Security Officer Blackpool, NW FY39TQ 01/11/2013
Security Officer Preston, NW PR43UT 01/11/2013
Security Officer Bangor, WA LL571NT 01/11/2013
Security Officer Lancaster, NW LA29HJ 01/11/2013
Security Officer Derby, MID DE722BL 01/11/2013
Security Officer Blackburn, NW BB19BP 01/11/2013
360 Machine Operater Northampton, MID NN47DT 01/11/2013
MULTISKILL Whitechapel (Station) 01/11/2013
MoxyTruck (Rear Tipping) Driver Swansea, WA SA18QQ 31/10/2013
360 Machine Operater Swansea, WA SA18QQ 31/10/2013
Pts Ground Wroker UK-Midlands-West Midlands 25/10/2013
Security Guard Cambridge, ANGL CB24 8QG 25/10/2013
Security Guard Bury Saint Edmunds, ANGL IP286AP 25/10/2013
CLEANER Basildon-SS13 1FL 25/10/2013
Gateman Millom, NW LA184JU 25/10/2013
Telehandler Driver Nuneaton, MID CV115LH 25/10/2013
Telehandler Driver Nuneaton, MID CV115LH 25/10/2013
360 Machine Operater Rochdale, NW ol115rh 25/10/2013
MoxyTruck (Rear Tipping) Driver Rochdale, NW OL115RH 25/10/2013
DUMPER/ROLLER DRIVER Leeds, Yorkshire LS270NQ 25/10/2013
Telehandler Driver Leeds, Yorkshire LS27 0NQ 25/10/2013
Telehandler Driver Birmingham, MID B44 8DP 25/10/2013
360 Machine Operater Birmingham, MID B448DP 24/10/2013
360 Machine Operater Oxford, HC OX1 1DQ 24/10/2013
Pipe layer/ Deep Drainage Oxford, HC OX11DQ 24/10/2013
Machine Operater UK-Midlands-Warwickshire 24/10/2013
360-MACHINE DRIVER Degenham-RM9 6LF 23/10/2013
Pts Ground Wroker UK-Tyne-Tees-Newcastle 18/10/2013
360-MACHINE DRIVER Hastings-TN39 5BF 18/10/2013
Security Guard Cemaes Bay, WA LL670DH 17/10/2013
Security Guard UK-Midlands-Derbyshire 17/10/2013
Security Guard UK-Midlands-Northamptonshire 17/10/2013
Machine Operater Nottingham, MID NG103AP 17/10/2013
DUMPER/ROLLER DRIVER Nottingham, MID NG10 3AP 17/10/2013
Machine Operater UK-Home Counties-Oxfordshire 17/10/2013
Machine Operater UK-South East/Southern-Hampshire 17/10/2013
STEEL FIXER Cambridge-CB6 1NE 15/10/2013
Ground worker Scarborough, Yorkshire YO127QU 15/10/2013
Security Guard Nottingham, MID NG10 3AP 15/10/2013
Security Guard Rugby, MID CV23 0WA 15/10/2013
CLEANER Iwade-ME9 8SR 14/10/2013
Site Engineer Wolverhampton 12/10/2013
Security Guard Westbury, SW BA13 4WD 04/10/2013
Telehandler Driver Sheffield, Yorkshire S9 1HF 04/10/2013
Cleaner Worksop, MID S80 3ES 03/10/2013
Security Guard Worksop, MID S818EA 03/10/2013
Street Works/Ground Worker Southend-SS1 1EE 02/10/2013
DUMPER/ROLLER DRIVER Cambridge-CB24 4UQ 02/10/2013
DUMPER/ROLLER DRIVER Salisbury-SP4 0JQ 01/10/2013
DUMPER/ROLLER DRIVER Basildon-SS13 1FL 30/09/2013
Security Guard Llangefni, WA LL778WB 30/09/2013
Security Guard Llangefni, WA LL778WB 30/09/2013
Rear Tipping Dump Truck (MOXY) Essex-SS4 2HD 27/09/2013
COSS Hastings-TN39 5BF 26/09/2013
Security Guard Sittingbourne, Southern ME98SR 26/09/2013
Mobile Gurad Godstone, HC RH98BY 26/09/2013
Security Guard Godstone, HC RH98BY 26/09/2013
CHAIN BOY M25, Junction22 25/09/2013
IT developer Wolverhampton 25/09/2013
MOXY DRIVER UK-Yorkshire-South Yorkshire 24/09/2013
360 EXCAVATOR MACHINE DRIVER UK-Yorkshire-West Yorkshire 24/09/2013
Bankman Slinger Signaller UK-Yorkshire-West Yorkshire 24/09/2013
CONCREATE FINISHER UK-Yorkshire-West Yorkshire 24/09/2013
DUMPER/ROLLER DRIVER UK-Yorkshire-West Yorkshire 24/09/2013
QUANTITY SURVEYOR Wolverhampton 23/09/2013
Dumper driver/Ground Worker UK-North West-Merseyside 23/09/2013
Security Guard Henley on Thames, HC RG96RT 20/09/2013
Security Guard Peterborough PE26YS 20/09/2013
HGV DRIVER UK-Midlands-Leicestershire 19/09/2013
Pipe layer UK-North West-Lancashire 19/09/2013
Street Works-Ground Worker Basildon-SS13 1FL 19/09/2013
GROUND WORKER Reading-RG30 3RP 19/09/2013
Marine Pilling Operative Liverpool, NW L78XP 19/09/2013
Security Guard Bury St Edmunds, ANGL IP28 6AF 18/09/2013
Concrete Finisher UK-Midlands-Derbyshire 18/09/2013
Banksman Slinger Signaller Reading, HC RG303RB 18/09/2013
Concrete Finisher Reading, HC RG303RB 18/09/2013
Concrete Finisher Reading, HC RG303RB 18/09/2013
Concrete Finisher Reading, HC RG303RB 18/09/2013
Concrete Finisher Hinckley, MID LE102LL 16/09/2013
Dumper/Roller Driver Castleford, Yorkshire WF102PP 16/09/2013
Ground Worker Willenhall, MID WV131AE 16/09/2013
Dumper/Roller Driver Willenhall, MID WV131AE 16/09/2013
STEEL FIXER Salisbury-SP4 0JQ 11/09/2013
Dumper Driver UK-Scotland-Central Scotland 11/09/2013
Banksman slinger signaller Bonnybridge, Scotland FK42BD 11/09/2013
Security Guard Ely, ANGL CB61SE 09/09/2013
Bankman Slinger Signaller Shrewsbury, MID SY13TG 09/09/2013
Forklift Driver Shrewsbury, MID SY13TG 09/09/2013
Security Guard Bury Saint Edmunds, ANGL IP286AE 09/09/2013
Security Guard Scarborough, Yorkshire YO127QU 09/09/2013
Security Guard Barrow in Furness, NW LA130PP 06/09/2013
Security Guard Millom, NW LA184JU 05/09/2013
SCAFFOLDER Reading-RG30 3RP 05/09/2013
Ground Worker UK-Midlands-Shropshire 03/09/2013
Concrete fininsher MID SY13TG 03/09/2013
Dumper Driver Shrewsbury, MID SY13TG 03/09/2013
STEEL FIXER Whitechapel (Station) 03/09/2013
GROUND WORKER Salisbury-SP4 0JQ 02/09/2013
Security Guard Reading 02/09/2013
STEEL FIXER Reading-RG30 3RP 02/09/2013
SCAFFOLDER M25,Junction 6-RH9 8BZ 02/09/2013
STEEL FIXER Hastings-TN39 5BF 02/09/2013
Banksman Slinger Nottingham, MID NG97JB 23/08/2013
Forklift driver Nottingham, MID NG97JB 23/08/2013
Cleaner Nottingham 22/08/2013
Security Guard with Guard Dog Stanwell, Surrey 22/08/2013
Security Guard Enfield, Tottenham 22/08/2013
Gateman Enfield, Tottenham 22/08/2013
Gateman Watford- Hertfordshire 22/08/2013
Security Guard Watford- Hertfordshire 22/08/2013
Steel fixer Derby, MID DE248AN 22/08/2013
Security Guard Bedfordshire 20/08/2013
Cleaner Warwick 15/08/2013
Brick Layer Lincoln, MID LN42QR 15/08/2013
360 Machine Driver Solihull, MID B928NW 14/08/2013
Ground Worker/ Cleaner Nottinghamshire 14/08/2013
Security Guard Watford- Hertfordshire 14/08/2013
Security Check call controller Willenhall,West midlands 08/08/2013
Security Guard Hinckley, Leicester 07/08/2013
Gateman Brackmills- Northamptonshire 07/08/2013
Security Guard Preston - Lancashire 07/08/2013
Shuttering Carpenter MID WV131AE 07/08/2013
Cleaner Birmingham- West midlands 31/07/2013
Cleaner Manchester - Lancashire 31/07/2013
Cleaner Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire 31/07/2013